ISPS certification for four state ports

By: 600011 On: Sep 6, 2023, 11:11 AM

As reported by Ahmed Devarkovil, Minister of Ports, Archeology, and Archeology Department, four ports in the state have acquired ISPS certification. The Central Government has issued ISPS accreditation as part of the process of allowing foreign passenger and cargo ships into the port and implementing the system, which includes immigration clearance. The ports of Beypur, Vizhinjam, Azhiekal, and Kollam have been approved. The minister noted that this decision is a step toward the state government's principal goal of ensuring the background development of tiny ports in Kerala and modernizing them so that they can also handle foreign ships. 

He noted that with the ISPS certification, the state's four tiny ports will be added to the list of international ports, allowing for more cargo to be exported in the future. PA Muhammad Riaz, Minister of Public Works and Tourism, stated that with the approval of ISPS, the state's ports will be operational.