Sharp disagreement on the Joint Declaration; Putin and Xi may not attend the G20.

By: 600011 On: Sep 6, 2023, 11:13 AM


Due to the schism over Ukraine, Russia and China's leaders may not attend the G20 summit in Delhi. China has confirmed that Premier Li Chiang will attend in place of the Chinese President. Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a proposal for global consensus on issues impacting the world to a news agency yesterday. However, the split among the member states persists. The G7 countries, especially the United States, were vehemently opposed to India's consensus suggestion to avoid direct reference to Ukraine. 

The West has also rejected India's plea to clarify its position on war and conflict without condemning Russia outright. The G-R countries, including the United States, have asked for a reference in the joint statement to Russia's position. Some countries also reacted negatively to India's plan to include the African Union and call it the G20 and G21. In this context, the Prime Minister may interfere immediately to try to reach an agreement. Meanwhile, Russia and China have said they will veto the resolution blaming Russia.