Manipur Ethnic riots Status

By: 600004 On: Sep 16, 2023, 8:34 PM

Dr.Mathew Joys

The Manipur States, also known as “The Land of the Jewel," has nine hills surrounding an oval-shaped valley, thus resembling the shape of a necklace. It seems the necklace has become a snake for the government.

Renowned for its untouched natural beauty, Manipur is a small state in northeastern India for its vivid culture and ethnicity.

Meiteis (also called Manipuris) are the most numerous of all the ethnic groups in the state and primarily inhabit the fertile Imphal valley that sits at the center of the state. Meiteis were originally four different tribes — Khuman, Luwang, Moirang, and Meitei.

On 3 May 2023, ethnic violence erupted in India's north-eastern state of Manipur between the Meities and the Kuki tribal community from the surrounding hills.

The shocking figures of Manipur communal riots, according to the Police reports, 254 mosques and 132 temples were damaged in the riots. 181 people lost their lives. Inspector General of Police IK Muivah said that 96 dead bodies that have not yet reached their heirs are kept in various mortuaries.

The conflict between the Meiti Kuki factions in Manipur started on May 3. A total of 386 places of worship and 4,786 houses have been destroyed by fire. 5,172 cases of arson were reported across the state. A total of 9,332 cases were registered in the riots. 325 people were arrested. 5,668 weapons were looted from the state armory. Of these, 1,359 were recovered by security forces. Along with this, 15,050 ammunition and 400 bombs have been seized from the insurgents. According to the police report, security forces have destroyed 360 illegally constructed bunkers in the state.

The central government is accused of keeping silent and not properly handling such a vigorous riot shaking the whole harmony of the Manipur State.