Global Indian Council (GIC) inducted the Women Empowerment team

By: 600004 On: Sep 18, 2023, 5:48 AM

Report: Dr. Mathew Joys, GIC Media Chair

Women Empowerment  is one of Global Indian Council’s 16 centers of excellence. Hosted by the chairperson Sosamma Andrews. stated, “Countries should act to empower women and should take steps to eliminate inequalities between men and women as soon as possible by promoting the fulfillment of women's potential through education, skill development, and employment, giving paramount importance to the elimination of poverty, illiteracy, and ill health among women”.

The meeting commenced with both National Anthems sung by Riya Alexander. All the women empowerment committee members self introduced each other. Global General Secretary Sudhir Nambiar, in his welcome address, explained the functioning of GIC. Global President PC Mathew made the Presidential address and also conducted the Oath Ceremony of the members of the newly inducted Center of Excellence. Cochair Dr. Alice Mathew. while emphasising the significance of Women Empowerment said “if she can have her PhD at the age of 60, we all can do great things”. 

Most respected Guruswamy Parthasarathy Pillai stated if we support a woman, we are supporting a community. He also emphasized the importance of educating young girls, to protect themselves.
Dr. Anna George, guest of honor and dynamite key note speaker, who is also the President of indian nurses association shared the story of God took a day off to create women. When you start an important job in life we take enough rest. That important job was to create a woman etc.

Dr.Tara Shajan, GIC Global Treasurer and NYC city director of nursing felicitated the entire COE.She said “Let's celebrate the achievements of women and work towards breaking barriers, fostering leadership, and ensuring their voices are heard”. 

At his felicitations by cabinet member Tom George Kolath extended his congratulation to all the members of Center of Excellence Women empowerment. He mentioned “Education is one of the most important means of empowering women with the knowledge, skills and self-confidence necessary to participate fully in the development process”.

NY chapter president Dr. Anil Paulose said, we as Indians traditionally come from a patriarchal society. Women didn’t have similar freedom and privileges as men, but that has changed quickly. He presented some statistics as good sign,  when we connect the Women Empowerment. 

CoE Business Excellence Chair Dr. Raj Mohan Pillai emphasized the importance of women's empowerment, quoting the story of his energetic mother in a successful family business.

Cochair Dr. Jobey Jacob being a paediatrician  she appreciated GIC’s involvement in these area and offered all her support. 

Sunitha Flowerhill, Shyla Pillay( Australia), and Santy Mathew (Kerala) also conveyed their appreciation for the team. In addition, Leela Marett, (Fokana), Dr. Shyla Roshin, Sumodh ( Pampa Assn. President), Divya Warrier, Saju Thomas, Komal Khatri, Andrews Kunnupurath ( GIC Brand Ambassador, NY), Dr. T P Narayanankutty (GIC Margialized Community Chairman), and Preethy Pynadathu ( GIC Austin)  joined to felicitate the Newly inducted team.

Sivakumar, Indian Railway loco-pilot and environmentalist mentioned how women empowerment is important.

Indu Jaiswal Congratulated this COE and mentioned this center is going to enlighten not only the GIC but the entire community. Members of the GIC Cabinet and Executive Committee also felicitated the team of Women Empowerment.

Usha George, Cochair of health and wellness CoE did the Vote of Thanks and mentioned “The full participation and partnership of both women and men is required in productive and reproductive life, including shared responsibilities for the care and nurturing of children and maintenance of the household activities” 

Amala Benny, as Emcee, introduced the speakers and coordinated the meeting.