3500 bucks for a cab ride of 10 minutes! In Toronto, a young man was the victim of a taxi scam.

By: 600011 On: Sep 25, 2023, 3:23 AM


In Toronto, a young man loses money in a taxi fraud. Harish Agarwal, a young man, lost $3500 in a 10-minute cab ride. On September 7, Agarwal was coming home from a midnight concert at the Budweiser Stage with a buddy who lives in Niagara Falls when an unknown person posed as a phony cab driver and stole the money. The imposter was driving a car that appeared to be a genuine taxi. As a result, they were misconstrued. After driving for 10 minutes, the driver stated that the meter was not working and requested payment via debit card. A friend first gave me the card. However, according to Agarwal, the card was returned as non-functional.

He later gave me the debit card. It also indicated a connection issue. The card was returned. However, the cards returned were forged. The original card was stolen by the fraudster. Then he stepped out of the car and said he'd pay $10 right then and send the remainder on his way. However, when Agarwal used the cards to withdraw money from their accounts, he discovered had been deceived. Aggarwal urges that what occurred to him should not happen to anyone else and that everyone should be vigilant.