Protests and 'negative sentiments' against Canada: Canada warns Canadian citizens in India

By: 600011 On: Sep 26, 2023, 2:23 PM

Following the worsening of India-Canada diplomatic relations, Canada has issued a warning to Canadian people in India and those planning to visit India. Global Affairs Canada has warned individuals to travel with utmost caution and safety. On social media, there are calls for protests and attacks on Canada. Canada is facing an uptick in negative sentiment.

Canadian citizens in India should exercise caution in this scenario, according to Global Affairs Canada. Meanwhile, Canada rejected the Indian government's proposal that Indian citizens in Canada take extreme caution. Canada's reaction was that it is the safest country in the world. It is worth noting that, following this, Canada has issued a warning to Canadian citizens in India. Canada issued the warning in response to India's suspension of visa processing and the prospect of demonstrations.