No minimum wage increase in Alberta for 5 years

By: 600011 On: Oct 4, 2023, 12:38 PM


In Alberta, the minimum wage has not been raised in five years. Alberta hiked its minimum wage to $15 per hour five years ago, the highest amount at the time. However, despite an 18% increase in the cost of living, Alberta has yet to boost the minimum wage. The provincial minimum salary is currently the lowest in 40 years, while inflation is at an all-time high. The highest minimum wages in Yukon B.C. are $16.77 and $16.75 per hour, respectively. 

Only New Brunswick and Saskatchewan have lower minimum wages than Alberta, both of which are $14 per hour. Meanwhile, the Alberta Federation of Labor (AFL) has suggested that the minimum wage should be related to inflation to help working Albertans. However, boosting the minimum wage will force other workers to higher earnings and have a detrimental impact on business owners, according to the evaluation. In order to stabilize economic growth and address workforce shortages, the Alberta government is committed to maintaining a $15 minimum wage. The action has been widely panned as callous and insensitive to the challenges of many Albertans facing increased living costs.