A parking place in Whistler sold for $195,000!

By: 600011 On: Oct 6, 2023, 1:35 PM

The sale of a parking space smashes the record for the most expensive property ever sold in Whistler, British Columbia. The $32 million building sold for a record price in three months. Stall 45, located beneath the Pan Pacific Hotel in Whistler Village, sold for $195,000 after only one week on the market. This is the most costly parking place ever sold there. As pointed out by Stall 45 Realtor Shauna O'Callaghan, the high price of a parking spot is attributable to supply and demand.

In the opinion of O'Callaghan, when people spend a lot of money on luxury real estate, it's perfectly appropriate to spend a lot of money on a parking spot. Parking at one of Whistler's daylots is $14 per day. Stall 45 sold for $95,000 in 2017. As a result, the prior owner saw a return on their investment. The most expensive parking space in Whistler sold for $110,000 dollars.