Google Voice Scams; Beware of Online Marketplace Scams

By: 600011 On: Oct 8, 2023, 8:28 AM


Michelle Jans, a TikToker, urged users to be wary of scammers on online buy-and-sell sites. Jans warns that gangs are increasingly stealing money from consumers on online marketplaces. Jans describes a recent incident that occurred to him. The scam was carried out while selling furniture on Facebook Marketplace via Google Voice. Google Voice linked a woman who expressed an interest in purchasing furnishings. The goal was to locate the genuine individual by using the web. 

Jans consented to disclose the number after calling and speaking using Google Voice. Jans claims there were no further concerns. Jans stated that after inputting the Google Voice code, she understood she had been duped. The scammers' goal was to construct a Google Voice number that was linked to Jans' number in order to deceive others. They are more likely to be scammed if they give out phone numbers and other personal details. According to Jans, buying and selling on marketplaces should only be done after checking the validity.