Army to provide Agniveer Akshay Laxman with one crore in assistance.

By: 600011 On: Oct 23, 2023, 12:55 PM


The Army will pay Rs 1 crore to Akshay Laxman, the operator Agniveer Gawatte who died while on the job in Siachen. Full salary for the remainder of the service period, Agniveer's Seva Nidhi share and government share of a similar amount plus interest, Rs 48 lakh in insurance, Rs 44 lakh in other benefits, Rs 8 lakh from the Armed Forces Battle Casualty Fund, and Rs 30,000 in emergency aid from the Army Wives Welfare Association. Agniveer Akshay Laxman, who died a hero's death in Siachen, did not receive aid, but the Army men arrived with assistance when leaders, including Rahul Gandhi, objected. The Indian Army paid tribute to Agniveer Akshay Laxman on Sunday.