NCERT has developed eleven unique modules for Chandrayaan-3.

By: 600011 On: Oct 26, 2023, 4:46 PM

In accordance with the Ministry of Education, NCERT has created ten specific modules for Chandrayaan-3. In reaction to media claims of ' mixing science and mythology,' modules on many areas of the Chandrayaan mission, spanning scientific, technological, cultural, and social dimensions, were produced. According to the Ministry of Education, it is critical to provide teachers and students with knowledge that extends beyond standard textbooks. The Ministry also stated that the goal of this effort is to instill pride in the country in Chandrayaan's achievements and that it is vital to extend the curriculum beyond textbooks in order to portray the country's achievements in an accessible and appealing manner to the education community. The modules' material is interactive and includes graphics, images, illustrations, exercises, questions, and so on, according to the Ministry of Education. The modules are appropriate for students in grades 1 through 12.