Today is Nevada Day

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“Home Means Nevada” is the 2023 theme for Nevada Day. The Nevada Day Parade and Celebration is a vibrant and exciting event that celebrates the state of Nevada and its rich history. Held annually on the last Friday in October in Carson City, Nevada, this parade and celebration attract thousands of spectators from near and far.

Nevada was the 36th state admitted to the United States and one of only two states admitted during the Civil War—hence our nickname as the “Battle Born State.” Now, the state celebrates the statehood anniversary, turning the last Friday of every October into a Nevada Day holiday.

Nevada was granted statehood just eight days before Lincoln's re-election. It was in 1938, the first Nevada Day Parade was held in Carson City to celebrate this historic occasion that has since become one of the largest admittance day celebrations in the nat

Let us sing you some lyrics from “Home Means Nevada,” the official state song:

🎵Home means Nevada, Home means the hills,


Home means the sage and the pines.


Out by the Truckee’s silvery rills,


Out where the sun always shines,

There is the land that I love the best,


Fairer than all I can see.


Right in the heart of the Golden West


Home means Nevada to me. 🎶

Featuring some incredibly unique desert wildlife and plants, Nevada is the rootin’-tootin’ gem of the Southwest! We are proud to represent the environmental community in our state, and we hope you are too!

Celebrated on the last Friday in October, today is the 90th anniversary of Nevada Day! (Although Nevada’s actual birthday is on October 31st

Each October, Nevadans turn their attention to the state capitol, Carson City, home of the “official” Nevada Day Parade. Since 1938, the Nevada Day Parade in Carson City has been an annual coming together to celebrate Nevada's heritage and the founding of this great state on October 31, 1864!

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