Protests in Toronto against the Israel-Hamas conflict; police to be cautious

By: 600011 On: Nov 14, 2023, 4:36 AM


On Sunday, protests against the Israel-Hamas conflict were organized in downtown and central Toronto. The group 'Seafire Now' is organizing the rally. Nathan Phillips Square will host the rally. Many people from Hamilton and Pickering came out in support of the pro-Palestinian campaigners. The rally was organized as part of a larger campaign of pro-Palestinian protests in Canadian cities. The UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and the Raoul Vanburg Center for Human Rights are organizing the event at Christie Pitts Park. At Christy Pits, the bloodiest racial violence in Canadian history erupted 100 years ago. As a result, this location is vital to the Jewish community of Toronto. In a statement issued on Sunday, Toronto police advised residents to avoid the gatherings if possible. Protests against the Israel-Hamas conflict continue in Toronto. As a result, the police warned individuals planning to attend the protests to exercise caution.