The Premier of British Columbia stated that the province cannot rely on the private sector for house construction.

By: 600011 On: Nov 22, 2023, 3:48 PM


Premier David AB of British Columbia stated that the government should not rely on the private sector to provide affordable housing. AB stated at a conference on Tuesday that there are federal proposals to sell public land and buildings to tackle the housing crisis. BC, on the other hand, is doing the reverse by taking inventory of provincial and municipally owned land to develop additional dwellings. Purce land near bus and train lines to develop dwellings on. 

This increases the possibility that transport users will be able to live near transit stops. These kinds of ideas, AB joked, originate from the government. He expressed enthusiasm for the Beesy Builds program. He stressed that the provincial government would work with builders to produce dwellings on public land. Stellantis and LG Energy Solutions may hire about 1,600 workers from South Korea in 2024 to help build a battery plant, Winsor police posted Thursday in X.