Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Council will create a comprehensive strategy for flood relief.

By: 600011 On: Nov 25, 2023, 12:52 PM


The municipal council voted to create a master plan to address the problem of flooding in Thiruvananthapuram after heavy rains. In addition, the council chose to appoint IIT Roorkee to design the master plan.

Locals claim that the city is being submerged as a result of the construction of a bridge across the Amaijhanchan Creek. There have been concerns that the construction of the Nellikuzhi bridge has blocked the flow of water in the stream and caused water to enter the Cosmo Hospital. If it rains, Cosmo, Gaurishapattam, Murinjapalam, Thekumoodu, and Cosmo Hospital will be submerged.
Pattam and Ullur creeks join Amaizhanchan Creek at Kannanmula and flow into Akkulam backwater. But four departments like Tourism and Irrigation are working together to build a bridge across the Amaizhanchan stream at Nellikuzhi to block this flow. Bridge construction, silt, and garbage are obstructing the flow of water.