GIC's Award Winning Short Film 'The Footprints' to be Displayed at Bangalore

By: 600004 On: Dec 1, 2023, 6:59 PM

GIC's Award Winning Short Film 'The Footprints' to be Displayed at Bangalore
(Dr. Mathew Joys, Las Vegas, GIC Global Media Chairman)
Las Vegas: "The Footprints" a short film produced in English, Hindi, and Malayalam was an effort by GIC to reveal a few of the unfading footprints of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi while it will be displayed at the 10-day-long celebration of the reenactment of Bangalore's formation (Bengaluru) per the joint statement of Global President PC Mathew, Sudhir Nambiar, Dr. Tara Sajan, Prof. Joy Pallatumadom, Tom George Kolath, and Global Goodwill Ambassador Jija Madhavan Hari Singh IPS.
The Celebrations are part of the “Bangalore Unboxing Habba” ArtMantram and the team organized the Reenactment of the famous Legend of Kempegowda Founding Bangalore 400 years ago, with 8 bullocks pulling 4 carts in 4 directions which became the 4 main roads of and City gates of Bangalore.  Jija Harisingh, Global Goodwill ambassador of GIC is the Managing Trustee of ArtMantram who plays key role in executing the 10-day long colorful celebrations. Hon. Deputy Prime Minister of Karnataka Sri. D.K. Shivkumar will be the Chief Guest.
The award winning short film ‘The Footpints’ (Pairome ke Nishan) envisages a great message of Mahatma Gandhi’s passage to Kerala and incidents taken place during a short stay at a traditional House (Mana) owned by one of his fans at Thiruvalla (from a real life event).
The short film is produced under the banner of GLOBAL INDIAN COUNCIL (GIC) sponsored by Dr. Babu Rajan one the Ambassadors of GIC directed by Thulasidas and scripted by Prof. KP Mathew. A native of Alleppey Mr. George who looks like Gandhi had taken the major role as Mahatma Gandhi gives an unforgettable image of Gandhi in the minds of the viewers.
The Footprints bagged 6 Awards in the Mumbai International Film Festival and achieved many other awards in different film festivals and still continues its journey successfully. The GIC (Global Indian Council is a fast growing network organization of Indian diaspora with a vision to cater to the artistic, cultural, educational and occupational and charitable needs of the society (
On the occasion of the celebration of the 75th Independence Day, GIC undertook to produce this film to shed light on and provide a better understanding of the life and mission of Gandhi. This pioneering project of the GIC is a stepping stone towards the achievement of some of its projected objectives: art, culture and heritage. 
Mahatma Gandhi was an enigmatic personality who got the attention of the world by single-handedly giving leadership through nonviolent means to achieve freedom from the mighty British Empire for his native nation "India". Mahatma Gandhi who is rightfully called 'The Father of the Nation', the Gandhi phenomenon has admirers all over the world. His life proclaimed his message and even today various facets of his life remain more relevant, more than ever, and have high importance at this time of celebration.
The short film unravels through the eyes of Kumari Rani, a young Indian student living in Texas, USA who witnessed the killings of her own classmates by a stranger at the school campus. Struggling with Rani's Post-traumatic stress disorder due to the school shooting incident in which she was almost a victim, her parents decide to send her to Kerala, India, the land of her birthplace.  The grandparents' love, affection and her innocent interaction with them, especially the real life story of her great grandfather who was a dedicated fan (Gandhiayan) of Mahatma Gandhi influenced her life and reveals the untold story. 
The celebration event will begin on December 1, 2023 through December 11, 2023 as per the Coordinator Jija Madhavan Hari Singh IPS who is also serving as the Global Goodwill Ambassador of Global Indian Council. On behalf of Global Indian Council, 
Global Indian Council Officials are invitees and GIC Global Ambassadors (Kerala) Santy Mathew, Dr. Baburajan, and M Tuladidas ( Film Director) are scheduled to be present during the short film presentation.