NIA searches in Maharashtra and Karnataka resulted in the arrest of 15 IS militants.

By: 600011 On: Dec 10, 2023, 6:53 AM


In numerous operations, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) apprehended 15 Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) agents in Maharashtra and Karnataka. As part of the assault on the outlawed terror cell, NIA teams raided 44 premises in Maharashtra's Padgha-Borivali, Thane, Meera Road, Pune, and Bengaluru in Karnataka. The NIA has arrested 15 people on suspicion of assisting a banned organization's terrorist activities. The raid seized unaccounted cash, firearms, sharp weapons, damning documents, smartphones, and other digital devices, according to a statement. 

The operations were part of the NIA's continuous efforts to impede IS's efforts to carry out violent acts of terror and kill innocent people. According to the NIA probe, the accused were operating out of Padgha-Borivali. According to preliminary investigations, the apprehended accused designated Padgha village in Thane Rural as a "liberated zone." They were asking Muslim teenagers to relocate to Padga to strengthen the Padga basis.