A woman dies after waiting over 14 hours for care; relatives protest in British Colombia

By: 600011 On: Dec 21, 2023, 5:28 PM


In British Columbia, a sick woman dies while waiting in the emergency room. Luanora Irtenkauf (55), a Fraser Valley native, passed away. Irtenkauf was brought to Abbotsford Regional Hospital in critical condition on Sunday night. However, when Irtenkauf arrived at the emergency room, his daughter informed him that he would have to wait 14 hours for treatment.Irtenkauf was brought to the hospital after developing kidney stones.

The nurses at the hospital were informed that the infection had been confirmed by the family doctor and that he should see an ER doctor because he had a history of sepsis. But they disregarded them and told them to wait in the waiting area, according to Raofi's daughter.My mother told me she was in pain and that she needed to see a doctor right away, but she didn't. The mother was admitted after 12 hours. However, once again, it took hours to see the doctor. The mother's sickness worsened as a result.A CT scan was suggested by the doctor. Meanwhile, pain relievers and antibiotics were administered. But Irtenkauf's condition deteriorated worse.

 The daughter sobbed as she explained that she was admitted to the ICU but was unable to save her mother. Relatives are demanding that those responsible for Irtenkauf's death be held accountable. Meanwhile, hospital administration refused to speak further on the subject. Rauffi has filed an official complaint with Fraser Health, requesting that those responsible for her mother's death be held accountable.