Less snow; a brown Christmas in some regions of Alberta this year

By: 600011 On: Dec 22, 2023, 5:52 PM


Forecasters predict that some sections of Alberta may receive less snow than usual this season. As the snow melts, the province will have a brown Christmas. Meteorologists warn that if snow falls during the winter season, droughts and wildfires are likely. This is what a brown Christmas looks like.According to Josie St-Ong of Alberta Wildfire, dry, hot, and windy conditions signal the possibility of a wildfire.

On October 31, the wildfire season came to a close. Even so, there were approximately 30 forest fires across the province. He claims that rising temperatures are increasing the likelihood of wildfires.During the regular winter season, wildfires do not occur. But there is an exceptional scenario this time, he continued. Farmers will benefit from the weather as well. Those in the agricultural industry also believe that if snow and showers continue to fail at the start of the season, growers will suffer in terms of output potential.

Israelis and Palestinians in Canada will be eligible for a fee-free study or open work permit during this time, he said.Furthermore, Mark Miller stated that many Canadians are concerned about the safety of their family members who are now in Gaza and will take steps to bring them to Canada and reunite them with their loved ones. Miller also stated that the government will provide them with a three-year temporary residency permit.