The motorized wheelchair of a Sudanese refugee woman was confiscated in Calgary.

By: 600011 On: Dec 26, 2023, 2:11 PM


In Calgary, an electric wheelchair taken from a Sudanese refugee. The wheelchair of a woman named Amal Saeed was taken. The incident occurred early on December 21. Her wheelchair, which she used to get out of the house, was stolen from her Marlborough Drive home. The wheelchair is put on the house's verandah.Saeed's family of three children fled Sudan's civil war in 2019 and spent three years as refugees in Egypt.

It arrived in Canada later this year with the assistance of the federal government. After spending a few months in New Brunswick, the family relocated to Calgary two months ago. Due to a spinal infection, Saeed was unable to walk. The YMCA of New Brunswick assisted in obtaining the wheelchair.Sayeed aspires to reclaim his wheelchair. Nahid Khidir, her mother's daughter, stated that this wheelchair was her mother's dream. It is estimated that such a wheelchair will cost more than $5,000.