New visas for international students to be cut by a third: Immigration Minister

By: 600011 On: Jan 23, 2024, 1:32 PM


Immigration Minister Mark Miller says the federal government will cut new visas for international students by a third this year as it combats a rapid increase in temporary residents that is exacerbating Canada's housing crisis. He stated that the number of international student permits will be reduced by 35 percent, and with this the number of approved study permits will decrease to 364,000 in 2024. Mark Miller added that the 2025 limit will be decided later this year.

It was also announced that the work permit of the spouses of international students will be abolished. Open Work Permit is available only to spouses of students pursuing Master's Degree or Ph.D. The minister informed that the decision will be implemented in the coming weeks. This restriction will continue for two years. The new law will not apply to those who are currently on a study permit.