Listeria presence: President's Choice, Taylor Farms brand salads recalled in Canada

By: 600011 On: Feb 9, 2024, 3:13 PM


Health Canada has recalled President's Choice and Taylor Farms brands of salad kits that were found to contain listeria. President's Choice Brand and Taylor Farms Brand Mexican-Style Street Corn Salad Kits are being recalled, Health Canada said in the notice. The public has also been advised not to consume these products.

Listeria was found in products sold in 285g bags and 335g bags of Double Back. Food containing Listeria monocytogenes bacteria does not feel spoiled. But Health Canada warned that those who eat these foods are at increased risk of contracting the disease.

The salad kits are made with cheese from Rizzo-Lopez Foods recalled in Canada. Health Canada advised that these products should not be used and that they should be discarded or returned to the place of purchase.