A Calgary daycare was closed after an inspection revealed cockroaches and mouse droppings.

By: 600011 On: Feb 12, 2024, 1:04 PM


A daycare in Calgary has been temporarily shut down after an inspection by health officials found rat droppings and cockroaches. Sun Valley Kids Academy on 2 Street Southwest was closed. Several live and dead cockroaches were found in the kitchen, fridge and under the sink at the daycare. Rat droppings were also found. After discovering that the children were being cared for in unsanitary conditions, the authorities ordered the closure.

Places like the diaper cabinet and the kindergarten room were all dirty. Health department officials said that children's toys, clothes and other items are likely to contain rat excrement and this increases the risk of children getting sick.

Other violations found at the daycare included no hand soap in the kitchen handwashing sink, a broken probe thermometer, and no thermometer in the baby room refrigerator.

The owner has been ordered to hire a pest control operator and fix the problems before reopening. It is unclear when the daycare will reopen.