The Minister of Public Safety announced that the federal government will implement strong measures to prevent vehicle theft.

By: 600011 On: Feb 12, 2024, 1:06 PM


Public Safety Minister Dominique LeBlanc said the federal government will take immediate steps to curb the growing number of vehicle thefts in Canada. He clarified that the government will surely intervene to solve the problem. Vehicle theft was a major topic at last week's summit in Ottawa. Political, business representatives and law enforcement responded to the problem in unison. All were asked to come up with plans to prevent vehicle theft.

Canada is becoming a hotbed for vehicle theft and resale, often with the involvement of organized crime groups, experts warn. In Quebec and Ontario, car thefts are projected to increase by nearly 50 percent by 2022. Atlantic Canada saw a 35 percent increase. LeBlanc told the media that no level of government can solve the problem on its own.

He clarified that he will ensure that the police force works with the Canada Border Services Agency to prevent vehicle theft.