Canadian citizens relying on GoFundMe to cover living expenses; Organizers are concernedr

By: 600011 On: Feb 13, 2024, 1:31 PM


Crowdfunding platform GoFund Me reports that the growing number of Canadians asking for help with living expenses is causing concern. Amidst the affordability crisis, Canadians in dire financial straits are turning to GoFundMe for help. Gofundme officials say more Canadians are registering on Gofundme to ask for help from strangers online.

GoFundMe funds are often used for medical expenses, educational expenses, volunteer programs, youth sports, funerals, and fundraising for pets. But in contrast to all this, the fact that Canadians struggling to make ends meet over the past few years have come to rely on GoFundMe to cover their living expenses should be taken seriously and is a cause for concern, officials say.

High inflation and an affordable housing shortage have impacted the lives of Canadians. They also decided to rely more on GoFundMe for support, the report said.