Canada's carbon price rises as much as 17 per cent in April

By: 600011 On: Feb 15, 2024, 4:37 PM


Canada's Carbon Price to Increase in April The increase is 15 dollars per ton. This would save Canadian households between $760 and $2,160 in carbon prices this year. The price increase will increase gasoline by 3.3 cents per liter and natural gas by about 2.9 cents per cubic meter. The rebate is $64 every three months in Alberta and $36 in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Meanwhile, the federal government introduced the carbon tax rebate under a new name. The Carbon Tax Rebate, formerly known as the Climate Action Incentive Payment, will now be known as the 'Canada Carbon Rebate'. Federal Environment Minister Steven Guilbault said the name change is to clarify the operation of the carbon rebate to the public and make it easier for Canadians to understand its meaning and relationship to the carbon pricing system.