The world's most powerful passport; France is first

By: 600011 On: Feb 21, 2024, 1:10 PM


The Henley Passport Index says that France has the most powerful passport in the world as it allows visa-free access to 194 countries. The list is compiled based on the data of the International Air Transport Association by examining 199 passports. The Hanley Index was prepared by examining the data of the last 19 years. Meanwhile, India's rank has slipped from 84th to 85th, with visa-free access to 62 countries. Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore and Spain are among the 194 countries that can be visited without a visa after France.

Finland, the Netherlands, South Korea and Sweden have visa-free access to 193 countries and the UK, Luxembourg, Ireland, Denmark and Austria have visa-free access to 192 countries. It is not clear why India's position has slipped. Afghanistan is the weakest passport with visa-free access to only 28 countries.