Motor vehicle department with drastic change in driving test

By: 600011 On: Feb 25, 2024, 2:25 AM


The Motor Vehicle Department published a circular modifying the state's driving license test methods. The circular was issued by Sreejith. The new change is to delete the current 'H'. Vehicles with automatic transmission and electric vehicles are not allowed in the licensure test. Vehicles that can shift gear with their foot are now required for the two-wheeler driving test. The test will feature zigzag driving and parking skill assessment in place of H. Vehicles older than 15 years should not be used for the test. Vehicles older than 15 years should be removed by May 1. A dash cam should be installed in the motor driving school's car utilized for the driving test.

The test should also be recorded on camera. After the license test the concerned officer should buy the memory card of this camera and save the video and keep it. Qualification of Instructors It has also been stated in the circular that people with educational qualifications specified by the government should be appointed as driving school instructors. The circular stated that the road test of the vehicles should be done on the road itself and conducting the road test at the test centers itself would be illegal. The number of applications for driving tests conducted by an MVI each day has been set at thirty. The number of applicants for the Learner's Test will be calculated accordingly. The new modifications will go into effect on May 1.