Study Permit: BC with changes in the project

By: 600011 On: Mar 2, 2024, 5:23 PM


British Columbia implemented changes from the IRCC's scheme about the study of international students. According to the new change, the Beeze Post Secondary Beer says he will demand the provincial testimony to students. 53% of these are Allocated for post-secnersary educational institutions. Beer says that his goal is to protect public post-secondary institutions. The Attestation Letter System will come into force on March 4.

The minister said the valid studi permit or secondary school students are not affected by the Valid Study Permitted or Master or Doctual Degree. Additionally, the daily announced by the IRCC will allow the concessions received before 11.30 am on the morning of 11.30 am.

The province will allow 83,000 study permits in the province this year. But the federal government expects about 50,000 authorized permits.