The dangerous Tik Tok challenge; 11-year-old dies in UK

By: 600011 On: Mar 11, 2024, 5:28 PM


The Tik Tok challenge caused the tragic death of a teenager in the UK. An eleven-year-old boy named Tommy Lee died. He died after suffering a heart attack during a Tik Tok challenge known as chroming.

The challenge involves inhaling toxic substances such as paint, petrol, hair spray and other solvents to detect intoxication. They are used in many ways, such as continuous inhalation, mouth and nose anointing. Tommy was involved in the challenge with his friends. Inhalation of the poison was being recorded on video. Meanwhile, a sudden heart attack occurred. Tommy was rushed to the hospital but could not be saved.

Similar accidents have occurred in Australia and the UK before, simulating such challenges.