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Dr. Prof. Roys Mallassery (GIC Coordinator UK) met Dr Maria Oommen (GIC Cochair CoE Marginalized Community ) and her team at the premises of Puthuppally Church and paid homage to the Late CM Oommen Chandy. The team also visited two charitable organizations to extend GIC's support and cooperation. 
 1. Amma Thottil :  Nearly 30 boys are residing there. They are the sons of unknown biological parents.They don’t have any known blood relations. But they felt happy, and their eyes told the visitors many stories.They presented some touching songs. They were very happy to communicate with the team. Dr Maria Oommen is extremely skillful in sharing God's Love to the kids through her words and deeds. She shared the sweetness of Love by sharing cakes. The team had an interactive session with them. Dr. Roys Mallassery spoke to them for a few minutes and got back their true feelings. They listened very keenly to the song sung by Dr. Maria. All were  very happy to share a feeling of oneness in a group Photograph. Dr. Roys handed over a bank check to the Director in the name of GIC. The team responded to the loving request from the kids "Come again and visit us”, with wet eyes.
 2. Swanthanam : It is a home that offers Love, Care and Protection for nearly 50 women from the age group of newborns to Ninety years. Rejected wives with their small kids, young women and aged mothers who have no one to support them reside here. They spent half an hour there – seeing the smiles of kids and hearing stories of aged Moms. They found that all are looked after well. But they need continuous support. The team shared some sweets with the residents. A check was handed over to the Director on behalf of GIC . Thanks to Dr. Narayanan Kutty ,the Chairman of CoE Marginalized Community for his personal financial support and GIC appreciate the sincere effort of Dr. Maria Oommen, the daughter of Late Oommen Chandy.
Global Indian Council is incorporated in the State of Texas, USA as a nonprofit, nonreligious, and nonpolitical organization giving equal opportunity to people who want to give back to the community to connect, support, promote, and empower youth, students, and professionals worldwide in ventures that would benefit the society at large. 
Founding Global President, PC Mathew, along with Goodwill Ambassador Dr. Jija Madhavan Harisingh, Founding Cabinet Officers such as Vice President Prof. Joy Pallattumadom, General Secretary Sudhir Nambiar, Treasurer Dr. Tara Shajan, Associate Treasurer Tom George Kolath, and other leaders such as Chairman COE Marginalized Community Dr. TP NarayanKutty, Chairperson COE Women Empowerment Sosamma Andrews felicitated the GIC delegates for their generosity and efforts.
GIC has Chapters in many countries and sixteen different Centers of Excellence to impart the passion of each member and focus on significant matters.
Dr. Mathews Joys
GIC Global Media Chair