'Organized crime groups' may be using GPS trackers to target Asian business owners: RCMP

By: 600011 On: Mar 13, 2024, 2:54 PM


Campbell River RCMP have warned that organized crime groups targeting the businesses and homes of Asian business owners on Vancouver Island are dangerous, using GPS tracking systems to break in and carry out violence. Campbell River RCMP said two home break-ins were reported earlier this month. Incidents of violence were reported in the Comox Valley.

Police say the burglars targeted the homes of Asian small business owners in the community. Police officials point out that the gang breaks into the homes of business owners while they are working. Burglars will first visit homes to make sure no one is home. When they realize that there is no one at home, they come to rob later.

Those who face a similar situation should inform the police immediately. Thieves will steal all the valuables from the houses. Police warned people to make sure their homes are safe. The officials also clarified that installing security cameras would be beneficial for security.