High costs: Project board to change Calgary Green Line LRT project

By: 600011 On: Mar 14, 2024, 3:01 PM


Several design possibilities are on the table for Calgary's much-anticipated Greenline LRT project. But the authorities inform that it will be changed due to high cost. Some subcontractors submitted higher estimates for the project than expected. Green Line CEO Darshpreet Bhatti said the budget for the project was pre-Covid. The current market is different. Moreover, he said, they are not the only project facing challenges.

Details of the project were presented to the council on Tuesday. But the city is not ready to release the details. Mayor Jyoti Gondek said that if more is needed, they will discuss with provincial and federal partners.

Council member Steve Allen said the actual cost of the project is estimated to be between $8.5 billion and $10 billion. Meanwhile, the Citizens Committee group that wants to rethink the Greenline says it shouldn't be surprised by the expected additional costs.