Center bans obscene content, 18 OTT platforms

By: 600011 On: Mar 15, 2024, 2:12 PM


New Delhi: Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has banned 18 OTT platforms for obscene content. The ministry said that the action was taken after several warnings.

Apart from 18 OTT platforms, 19 websites, 10 apps and 57 social media accounts have been banned.

According to the ministry, many of them provide content that is equivalent to pornography. Content that portrays women badly is also a crime. The ban has been imposed under the IT Act.

'Dreams Films', 'Woovy', 'Yesma', 'Uncut Adda', 'Tri Flix', 'X Prime', 'Neon X VIP', 'Besharamas', 'Hunters', 'Rabbit', 'Extramood', OTT platforms like 'Newflix', 'MoodX', 'Mojoflix', 'Hot Shots VIP', 'Fuji', 'Chikooflix' and 'Prime Play' have been banned.

It also includes OTT platforms with large viewership. It has many downloads and platforms.