Four children died after a mobile phone charger caught fire

By: 600011 On: Mar 26, 2024, 2:57 AM


Meerut: Four children died in Uttar Pradesh after a mobile phone charger caught fire. A fire caused by a short circuit from a mobile phone charger claimed the lives of four children. The national media reported that four children were burnt to death after a fire started from a charger plugged into the house. Parents were also seriously burnt while trying to save their children.

Children between the ages of five and 12 died due to burns. The deceased children are Sarika (12), Niharika (8), Golu (6) and Khalu (5). The accident that rocked Uttar Pradesh took place on Saturday night. The children were sleeping inside the room when the accident took place. A small short circuit occurred in the charger that was plugged in and the charger caught fire. The police said that the cause of the accident in which four lives were lost was that the fire spread to the bed where the children were lying.