Severe drought at risk: Alberta tests innovative technologies to save water

By: 600011 On: Mar 27, 2024, 2:38 PM


Alberta is looking for ways to use water safely as severe drought conditions are likely to worsen in the spring and summer. The province is investing millions of dollars in technology projects to help track and manage water use. The provincial government has reportedly spent more than $75 million to support more than 100 projects through the Water Innovation Program.

Environment and Protected Areas Minister Rebecca Schulz said their innovative projects are part of efforts to modernize how water is used in the province and that the province is finding new and better ways to conserve, efficiently manage and utilize water as a valuable resource.

The project, developed at the University of Alberta, was first piloted in Calgary. It is a scheme that determines how much water can be reused and recycled. A program using a granular sludge reactor is working at Calgary's water treatment facilities to increase water capacity. The City of Calgary says water restrictions are likely in May if dry weather continues despite recent snowfall.