Prithviraj also confirmed that adujeevitham has entered the 50 crore club

By: 600011 On: Mar 31, 2024, 5:08 PM


Prithviraj starrer Aadujeetvam is in the 50 crore club. Prithviraj officially confirmed this. Prithviraj released the poster of the movie after confirming that Aadujeeweetam has earned more than 50 crores globally. Prithviraj's achievement came just four days after the release of Aadujeetvam.

Prithviraj's film Aadujeetu holds the record of reaching the 50 crore club in Malayalam in the fastest time. Prithviraj's directorial debut Mohanlal's Lucifer previously held the record for crossing the Rs 50 crore club. Lucifer also reached the crore club in just four days. But Prithviraj's Adu Jivetham reached the 50 crore club when the advance ticket sales figures became clear.