Global Indian Council (GIC) conducted seminar on Harmony of Body and Indian Heritage exploring Marma Ayurveda for Wellness

By: 600004 On: Apr 1, 2024, 3:55 AM

Dr. Mathew Joys, Las Vegas 
GIC Global Media Chair
Global Indian Council (GIC) and its Center of Excellence on Health & Wellness (CoE) presented an interactive online seminar session delving into the ancient art of Marma Ayurveda, where tradition meets wellness, unveiling the secrets of Indian heritage for a balanced and harmonious life. The Seminar was held on March 30th Saturday under the banner "Harmony of Body and Indian Heritage: Exploring Marma Ayurveda for Wellness".

National anthems of  USA and India were recited by Crystal Shajan and Dr.Tara Shajan 

Dr. Jobey Jacob, Co-chair of CoE Women Empowerment did the introductory remarks and invited MC, Amala Benny to commence the Seminar.
Dr. Alexander P Edyadi MD, FACP welcomed the participants from different parts of the world and summarized the fast growing importance of Ayurvedic system from the East to the West especially after the impact of Covid pandemic.
Dr Jacob Eapen, Chairperson of the CoE Health and Wellness, welcomed the the distinguished speakers reminding the famous quote “He who has health has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.”
Dr. R. Suresh Kumar MD, DM, FSCAI, FPICS  in his inaugural address explained and compared the healthcare systems in USA and India with the aid of detailed statistics.  Dr.Suresh Kumar is the Senior Consultant, Paediatric Cardiology and ACHD Believers International Heart Center, Believers Church Medical College Hospital Thiruvalla, Kerala. 
Dr. Jija Hari Singh (Retd IPS) introduced the Main Speakers  Dr. P Nambi Namboodiri MD (Dravya Guna & Agada Tantra)  the Director and Chief Physician of Nagarjuna Ayurveda, Kerala & Dr Manoj Chandrasekharan, BAMS,MSc (Yoga) Chief Physician, MarmmaYogi, Kanjiramattom, Thodupuzha, Idukki District. They explained how Ayurvedic treatments are becoming globally popular. Dr. Jija also cherished  her treatment experiences at the Ayurvedic Center at Thodupuzha, Kerala.
Dr. Nambi Nmboothiri and Dr. Manoj Chandrasekhar creatively interacted with the participants convincing them the various aspects of traditional Ayurvedic treatment patterns and its specialty wing of Marma system. The question and answer session clarified the numerous questions by the participants.
GIC President P C Mathew congratulated the Chairperson, Cochairs and all the members of the CoE Health & Wellness for taking the lead to organize this very important and relevant seminar and appreciated the participants for their involvement in the discussion session.
Usha George, Co-Chairperson congratulated GIC President PC Mathew and the Cabinet Members for their active support. She mentioned that the CoE Health and Wellness is going to present similar topics in the coming months to boost the health of Indian diaspora.
Renowned community leaders Dr. Aney Paul,  Mrs.Leela Maret,  Dr.Tara Shajan ( GIC Global Treasurer) and Mrs.Sosamma Andrews ( CoE Women Empowerment) felicitated the organizers for conducting this special seminar of vital importance. Dr. Mathew Joys, GIC Global Media Chair narrated his own experiences with the benefits of meticulous Ayurvedic treatments while his life was at risk affected with Polio during his childhood, and the follow up treatment of his recent brain surgery.
GIC General Secretary Sudhir Nambiar highlighted GIC's role in the community and informed that the GIC has 16 Centers of Excellence including CoE Health and wellness. Each CoE is a group of expert professionals who have a passion to give back to the community. He thanked all GIC members for bringing awareness about the holistic  treatment approach that is being practiced in the Health and wellness field.
Prof. Joy Pallattumadom (GIC VP), Adv. Susan Mathew ( GIC Associate Secretary), Tom George Kolath ( GIC Associate Treasurer),  Aleyamma Mathew,  Indu Jaiswal, Rajinder Kaur Singh (CoChair, Health & Wellness), Dr. Narayanankutty (Chairperson, Marginalized Community),  Ujwala Moses and Dr. Shyla Roshan also spoke on the occasion. 
Indu Jaiswal expressed the vote of thanks. Amala Benny handled the event proficiently as MC with her keen observation and affable personality.