Whales must be treated as individuals, the Pacific tribal leaders have urged

By: 600011 On: Apr 4, 2024, 2:06 PM


Tribal leaders in the Pacific are calling for whales to be treated as individuals to ensure their protection. The call, known as Wakaputanga Moana, was made by indigenous leaders from across the Pacific Ocean. The leaders say that whales should be treated as individuals and the rights of individuals should also be given to whales.

There are many types of whales in the world. Blue Whale, Spam, Orca and Humpback are the most famous, but there are other subspecies. A study released last year revealed that blue whales, the giants of this group and the largest creatures on earth, are facing a serious crisis. A century ago, there were about 100,000 blue whales in the oceans. However, studies show that their numbers have declined drastically due to past whaling, irresponsible fishing practices, and destruction of the marine environment. It is in view of this that the demand has been raised to ensure the protection of whales with individual consideration.