The study predicts that this cancer will double by 2040, and the death rate will rise by 85%

By: 600011 On: Apr 6, 2024, 2:57 PM


Study predicts that the number of prostate cancer patients will double the current number of cases by 2040. According to a report published in the Lancet, the number of annual deaths due to this will increase by 85 percent. According to the study report, deaths due to prostate cancer were 3,75,000 in 2020 and will change to 7 lakh in 2040.

"A large number of patients in India are diagnosed at late stages, meaning the cancer has spread at the time of diagnosis. As a result, about 65 percent of patients end up dying of the disease,” says Dr. Vedang Murthy says. Factors such as age and family history of cancer mainly increase the risk of prostate cancer. The report also states that lifestyle changes can help prevent the number of prostate cases from increasing.