Returning late, the captain did not take the travelers on board

By: 600011 On: Apr 9, 2024, 5:48 AM


Sao Tome: The captain of the cruise ship gave the work of eight to the eight tourists who went to see Africa and Spain on a luxury cruise. Passengers on a Norway-based luxury cruise ship called Sao Tome during a visit to the island. Among them there are couples who went for a holiday before the birth of the baby.
When the passengers did not return after visiting the island and returned to the ship, the captain continued his journey with the ship. Six Americans and two Australians were stranded on the island. When they reached the port and contacted the ship, they came to know that they were stuck on the island without even travel documents. On contact with the ship it was clear that the ship was not far from the anchorage. But not only was the captain unwilling to send even small boats to the island for the passengers left behind. The captain did not hesitate to advise the passengers to reach the next port at their own expense.