Drought intensifies: Metro Vancouver to face water restrictions starting May 1

By: 600011 On: Apr 10, 2024, 4:36 PM


Water restrictions will be in place in Metro Vancouver in early May as snowfall this season is half of average for the first time in history. Metro Vancouver Board Chair George Harvey announced the upcoming restrictions. Due to lack of snowfall, the water levels in reservoirs in the region have decreased. Severe drought is likely during the summer season. All this will lead to water restrictions from May 1. Harvey said in the announcement that people should be careful to conserve water and not waste water unnecessarily. Residents will be allowed to water their lawns a maximum of one day per week as part of water restrictions.

According to the board, drinking water reservoirs in the area will be full by mid-May. MetroVancouver staff have taken steps to protect the water supply. The board said it has initiated activities including earlier-than-usual commencement of seasonal dams and reservoir operations to increase water storage before the drought worsens. The board also says a complete ban on lawn watering this summer may be necessary if conservation efforts are not successful in the coming months.