The one airstrike that started it all was the issue between Israel and Iran

By: 600011 On: Apr 14, 2024, 5:27 PM


Iran and Israel are two countries that share no border. Two places with an air distance of more than two thousand kilometers. In fact, there is no possibility of any provocation between these two countries. And how did things get to the point of war? What really is the problem between Israel and Iran? It all started with an airstrike.

Airstrikes on the Iranian Consulate Annex in Damascus, the capital of Syria. Iran accused the Israeli army of carrying out the attack targeting a meeting between the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the elite of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. 16 people including IRGC's Quds Commander Mohammad Reza Zahedi and Senior Commander Mohammad Hadi Haji Rahimi were killed in the lightning strike. "For the crime committed, Israel may expect punishment."


  Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's response followed. When Khamenei repeated the same threat on April 10, the very next day, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded by saying that their practice was "punch for blow".

Then there were continuous threats from various sources. There is still the impression that war is imminent between Iran and Israel. Meanwhile, Iran seized an Israeli-owned cargo ship that was passing through the Strait of Hormuz yesterday. Following that, Hezbollah launched rocket attacks targeting centers in Israel. In short, the Middle East is facing a war. US President Joe Biden's warning that if the war escalates, he will have to pay a heavy price. Any provocation by Iran towards Israel could end in open war. If that happens, the possibility that Iran's neighbors and world powers, including the United States, will side with it, and the Middle East could slide into a much bigger war, cannot be ruled out.