Wife poisoned coffee to kill husband, hidden cameras all by hand

By: 600011 On: Apr 14, 2024, 5:30 PM


The husband caught his wife's attempt to kill him with poison. 40-year-old Melody Felicano Johnson tried to kill her husband Robbie Johnson by poisoning her cup. Robbie Johnson, a US Air Force officer, discovered this secret plan of his wife with the help of hidden cameras in the house. According to the Dailystar, on July 11 and 18, 2023, Melody filled her husband's coffee machine with a poisonous chemical with the intention of killing him. Melody, who was arrested by the police following her husband's complaint, confessed to the police that she tried to kill her twice.

Melody is from Arizona, USA. The court will pronounce their verdict on May 10, who are currently in police custody. At the initial stage of their arrest, they denied the crime, but after the evidence captured on the secret camera, they confessed. Prosecutors want a minimum sentence of two years in prison for attempted murder.

According to court documents, Melody planned the heinous crime with the intention of stealing property in her husband's name. At the time of the assassination attempt, the two were preparing for a divorce. Their intention was to kill the husband and steal his property before getting a legal divorce.

But Robby got suspicious about his wife's activities and installed secret cameras in the house without anyone knowing and through it he watched his wife. When he realized that his wife had poisoned the coffee machine, he only pretended to drink coffee in front of her. The secret camera footage is crucial in this case.