Fake gold for sale fraud: Richmond RCMP warns the public

By: 600011 On: Apr 15, 2024, 5:10 PM


Richmond RCMP warn of fake gold scams in the city Richmond RCMP said in a news release that they have recently reported four cases of fraudsters selling fake gold and jewelry in their jurisdiction.

According to the police, fraudsters are making people buy fake gold by persuading them to offer gold at a low price. People who buy gold believing it to be pure only later realize they have been scammed. They are also cheating in another way. Fake gold is worn along with the jewelery worn by the victim. Then when it is removed, the victim's gold is stolen along with it.

Scammers mislead people into thinking that this is their livelihood and looking for money to support their families. The police clarified that they also bring the family, including children, along with them to make it credible. The police informed that if people come in such a suspicious manner, do not talk to them, do not fall for their talk, and if you are persuaded to buy gold, do not buy it. The police said that the incident should be reported to the local police.