The young woman lost 14 lakhs, the fraudsters said that she should strip her clothes and show her moles in front of the camera

By: 600011 On: Apr 16, 2024, 6:01 PM


This is the time when many online scams are taking place. Similarly, a woman from Pune lost Rs 14 lakh. Moreover, the young woman had to take off her clothes and show birthmarks on her body in front of the fraudsters. This misfortune happened to a 28-year-old woman working in a private company in Pune. Later, an FIR was registered at the Vimanthal police station. A few weeks ago, the woman was called by someone claiming to be a courier service executive. They told her that a parcel she had sent to Taiwan was seized and five expired passports and 950 grams of drugs were recovered from it.

The woman repeated that she had not sent any parcel. However, again some people called the young woman pretending to be Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) officials. They told her that her bank account was linked to terrorist activities and the funds in it would have to be transferred to government beneficiary accounts. Later, various account numbers were also given, saying they belonged to the government.

They told the woman to deposit Rs 14 lakh. The woman gave the money. It didn't end there either. Fraudsters asked her to be naked in front of the camera and show her moles and birthmarks for police investigation. The woman was scared and did the same. However, the group kept calling and asking for money again and again.

This is why the woman decides to approach the police. Apart from the online fraud, a case of rape has also been registered as the woman was asked to undress and come in front of the camera.