Australian woman lived for 40 days by drinking only orange juice

By: 600011 On: Apr 20, 2024, 5:21 PM


Australia: The diet chart of a woman named Annie Osborne from Australia, who lived by drinking only orange juice for 40 days, is now being looked at with wonder on social media. Anne lived on orange juice for 40 days during Lent before Easter. In a video, she described this orange juice-only diet as an 'amazing experience'. She also says that it has made positive changes for her physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Annie was already on a fruit-only diet. Therefore, she says that the diet of drinking only orange juice was not a problem for her. She also says that the fruit-only diet was an opportunity for her to get to know different fruits. She describes her experience as 'like a serviced car'.
However, experts are of the opinion that such diets are also very dangerous. Experts also say that it can affect health in the long run