Four hours between the ice cubes; The 53-year-old won the Guinness World Record

By: 600011 On: Apr 23, 2024, 4:29 PM


Some people are obsessed with records. They are ready to make any sacrifice for records. Shortest time to eat the most chili, shortest time to feed the longest burger, longest time submerged in water... and so on and so on and all the records for touching and holding. A 53-year-old Polish-born Lukasz Spooner has broken such a record. The record he broke was the longest sitting between ice cubes.

Lucas Spooner was submerged up to his neck in a specially prepared box filled with ice cubes for four hours and two minutes. The previous record in this category was 50 minutes. Lucas Spooner shared the video of breaking the record on the guinnessworldrecords Instagram page. Lucas Spooner can be seen standing in a glass box in a public place as many people look on. He is then filled with ice cubes around him. He was wearing only swimming clothes. Reports say he used mouth guards to prevent his teeth from clashing, but this is not seen in the video.