Protests against the war in Gaza led to several arrests at various universities in the United States

By: 600011 On: Apr 23, 2024, 4:33 PM


New York: Protests against the war in Gaza are widespread in American universities. After the protest in the campuses, the police arrested many people. Anti-war protests are taking place at New York, Yale, Columbia and Berkeley universities. Police arrested several people from New York University on Monday night.

Columbia University canceled classes after protests against the war began to intensify at universities across the country. International media, including the BBC, are reporting that protests against the war are being held in support of Palestine and Israel. US President Joe Biden condemned both forms of protests. Students' anti-war protests gained widespread public attention last week after the police asked for help at Columbia University.

Around 100 protestors were arrested and removed from Colombia by the police. Columbia classes were moved online after this. The president of Columbia University responded to the media that people who came to implement their own agendas are behind the protest.