A hawk flew down at the wedding hall; The villagers call it the dead father of the bride

By: 600011 On: Apr 24, 2024, 4:41 PM


Once upon a time, Indian villages were hotbeds of superstition. Later with the advent of modern education there was a great decline in superstitions. However, the 'belief' that is gaining strength in recent times seems to be slowly pushing Indian villages back to old superstitions. The videos shared on social media are proof of this. Yesterday, during a wedding in a village in Damo district of Madhya Pradesh, when a hawk came to the wedding pandal, the villagers claimed that it was the dead father of the bride.

When the hawk unexpectedly arrived at the wedding pandal and stayed there till the ceremony was over, the locals confirmed that it was the dead father of the bride. After the ceremony of garlanding the bride and groom, the locals gathered the hawk and placed it on the bride's head to bless the bride. The presence of the hawk throughout the wedding ceremony was watched with great joy by the bride's family. The bride's family honored the hawk with milk and food. The marriage took place in Ranjra village. Villagers believe that the bride's deceased father came in the form of a hawk and blessed the newlyweds. The hawk's calm demeanor during the ceremony and its presence in all the functions during the wedding surprised the guests.